19.07.2017 5 признаков правильного выбора оптики для Audi, BMW, VW, Mercedes-Benz

Без сомнений, сегодня рынок автокомпонетов предоставляет большое количество предложений в среднем ценовом сегменте на популярные автомобили. Но какой вариант будет приемлемым по цене-качеству и срокам доставки, если на автосервис приехал премиальный автомобиль и необходимо поменять фару целиком? Об этом и многом другом, далее в материале.
11.07.2017 Новый бренд «UFI» в нашем ассортименте!

UFI FILTERS - это марка решений в сфере фильтрации, разработанных Группой UFI FILTERS spa для рынка запчастей в области автомобилестроения.

11.07.2017 Оптика на премиальные автомобили от MAGNETI MARELLI

Эффективный свет - право на выбор для самых требовательных. Magneti Marelli всемирно известный и уважаемый производитель светотехники, особенно среди ведущих европейских автоконцернов.
10.07.2017 «Белые ночи Якутии» от NTN-SNR!

Покупайте продукцию бренда NTN-SNR в период акции (10 июля - 20 августа 2017) и получайте ценные призы!
07.07.2017 Новая линейка галогенных ламп NEOLUX с улучшенными характеристиками

Компания Osram – мировой лидер на рынке автомобильных систем освещения – расширила ассортимент своего дочернего бренда NEOLUX, представив рынку новое семейство галогенных ламп EXTRA LIFETIME и второе поколение зарекомендовавшей себя на рынке линейки галогенных ламп BLUE LIGHT.
We are the official distributor more than 220 European, Japanese, Korean manufacturers of auto components over a period of more than 20 years and we are engaged in the aftermarket wholesale of Russian and foreign cars. 

Our success is based on the regular monitoring and analysis of Russian, European and Asian aftermarkets, such measures allow our customers to be always well informed of the recent trends and changes in manufacturing and selling areas of the aftermarket. 

Being our customers you and your time remain for us the main value, that’s why we aspire to create all the possible conditions for effective and fruitful cooperation in order that you would feel as much comfortable as it is possible working with us. We improve continuously our professional training methods, the information exchange, logistics network, intra-Company communications, offering you the best service, additional quality service, and convenient work conditions.   

We introduced the ERP system to economize your time; it is an address storage system, which helps us to carry out the formal acceptance and shipment of the goods, keep records at all the warehouses and gather your order in minimum terms.  

Our aim is founded on searching the possibilities of satisfying our customers as fast and as qualitatively as possible. Every day we work in this direction with our Russian and foreign partners. We are constantly engaged in searching novelties in high technologies and we introduce them effectively in the Russian market, therefore we fill up our assortment so regularly. With us you can always glance into the Future!

Our main principle is to move forward permanently. We expand the geography of the activity. At present we have already the branch-offices in 58 Russian cities and we cover the Siberian market, the Urals, the Volga Region and the Central Region ones. Regional branches help us to provide better services in the cities with population more than 500 000 persons, to hasten the orders processing, to work effectively due to the personal contact of the managers and the customers and to provide the clients of the necessary information in time. 

Our branches us the methodic and schemes approved by us, they work under our standards and apply the warehouse programs, information materials and the spare parts catalogues provided by us. All the Company, the branches and the representative offices are connected by a uniform electronic system, which allows to receive the information on the goods and to find the cross-number to the items on request. In every our branch you can receive the qualitative service and the contract supporting by our specialists. They will help you to compose the order optimally giving a competent consultation on the goods, to find the analogue to the OE number and not only to any kind of car. In near future we plan to increase our representation at the Regional markets.  

We are ready now to offer you the wide assortment of auto spare parts for cars and trucks, convenient prices and a flexible discount system, stable availability at the warehouse and favorable schemes and work conditions, qualitative service, special offers and actions. To get the information on prices and the goods availability in a convenient and a fast way it is enough to contact our managers or to download the information at our website in the “price list” section.

Besides the aftermarket spare parts to any kind of foreign cars realization we provide the supplementary service to our customers such as delivering the goods to him, supporting the manufacturer’s warranties, electronic catalogues and the software. 

As of today, more than 5000 Companies from various regions of the country have already evaluated our efforts and the contribution we made to develop the Russian aftermarket. You will appreciate the completeness and the depth of our assortment and the qualitative service working with us. You will be thrilled by our professional approach to work!

Yours faithfully, group of companies “Forum-Auto”.
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